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head lining

Howa was the first company in Japan to develop head lining roofs in 1970. We use our own manufactured "urethane." Urethane ceiling reinforced with glass fiber is lightweight and provides superb sound absorbency, heat resistance and moisture resistance, while its high dimensional stability makes it particularly suitable for larger shaped ceilings.

Normally kept above the front windshield, it can be adjusted according to the direction of the sun or flipped up when not in use. As an optional function, it can also be fitted with a pocket for keeping toll road tickets, etc.

Sunroofs with a sunshade trim allow pleasant sunshine or a cool breeze into the car. The urethane layer of the sunshade achieves in-car comfort, cutting out external noise and blocking harsh sunlight and UV rays from the glass sunroof.

Door Trim

Door lining panels are important components for a vehicle's interior space.

Each door is fitted on the inside with a trim, which also acts as a damper to reduce external noise and vibration.

Trunk & luggage trim

Products made from dampers, sound absorbers and sound insulators, forming a buffer against shock and vibration and controlling external noise.

This internal trim is fitted to the trunk compartment door. It is a damper, sound absorber and sound insulator that reduces external noise.

Fitted between the rear seat and the rear window is the package tray. As well as reducing noise from the trunk compartment and damping vibrations from the car body, it also functions as the installation site for the car's audio speakers and stop lights.

The deck side trim is the interior trim fitted to the deck side (near the rear quarter pillar). It is a damper that reduces external vibration and noise.

The general term for a cover over the loading space etc. of a passenger vehicle or truck is a tonneau cover, and it is mainly made of cloth, vinyl, leather or plastic. It is fitted in passenger vehicle models including station wagons, SUVs and hatchbacks, and can usually be detached or rolled up when not in use.